New generation healthcare and pharma services company Aposave rebrands to Abacus Medicine Pharma Services.

Abacus Medicine Pharma Services is the new name for the healthcare and pharma services company previously known as Aposave.


“The new brand makes it very clear who we are and what we do. The closer association with the Abacus Medicine Group will give confidence to clients, healthcare professionals and suppliers that we are a division of a large and successful organisation, that we are well backed financially and that we are planning for a long and healthy future.”

“The rebrand comes at a good time for the company as we have plans to develop our access to the US and Chinese markets. Our value proposition is based around providing new generation services to our global client base. We made an excellent start as Aposave and now as Abacus Medicine Pharma Services we plan to make significant strides forward.”

A global footprint

The Abacus Medicine Group has been providing better access to pharmaceutical products and better healthcare to European countries and their populations for close to20 years. This has been achieved through its parallel distribution division.

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