Clinical Trial Solutions

Abacus Medicine Pharma Services provides tailored comparator sourcing solutions to support the efficient running of clinical trials for biosimilar, biotechnology and innovative pharmaceutical companies. Supported by parent company, the Abacus Medicine Group, with continual access to over 8,000 key brands across multiple markets, and sophisticated market analysis tools, we have an unrivalled inventory and supplier network, which allows us to provide innovative hybrid sourcing solutions for our client partners.
  • Expertise in supporting the development of biosimilars.


  • Sourcing for pre-clinical samples to large volume phase III projects.


  • Proven track record in delivering comparator sourcing solutions in all key therapy areas such as oncology, immunology and ophthalmology.

  • Overage mitigation.


  • Hybrid comparator sourcing solutions.


  • Unrivalled EU sourcing capabilities.

At any point in time for a given molecule, we can rapidly assess:

  • predictive insights
  • what our capability is to source this product
  • what the price is likely to be
  • when the next batches will be available in every market
  • what suppliers have access to the product
  • from which countries we can source CoAs
  • real-time market intelligence

This provides us with a unique and dynamic picture of the EU market!

This means that we can proactively assess options for our clients in real-time, we can look at market by market differentials and different SKUs, so they can have complete confidence in the advice they receive.

The combination of Abacus Medicine Pharma Services experience and state-of-the-art analytics and IT resource has created a unique clinical trials solution for the next generation of pharmaceutical products.

Clinical Trial Solutions Resources

Case Study CTS001

A unique solution to drastically reduce client exposure to unplanned clinical trial costs associated with unpredictable comparator overages.

Case Study CTS002

A unique offering for the maximum diversity of batch, expiry, and origin conditions for EU clinical trial material.

Survey Results 2021

We repeated the survey in 2021 to help understand how the key issues and challenges faced by global supply chain professionals have evolved in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Survey Results 2020

At the GCSG conference in September 2020, we conducted a survey to gain an insight into the key challenges faced by clinical supplies executives.