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We navigate complex market access environments, achieving pricing that reflects product value and providing patients with the fastest access to new treatments

How can we help?

How can we help?

Our clear understanding of payer needs and concerns is leveraged to inform our clients about their clinical trial design (e.g. relevant comparator, patient selection criteria, preferred payer endpoints, etc).

These insights form the basis for a better value story for our partners’ products, helping them generate the required evidence for optimal access and thereby making the regulatory approval and P&R processes less risky and costly.

European reimbursement systems are inherently complex. Through valuation & reimbursement landscape assessments, we provide our partners with the means to navigate this environment. This assessment provides in-depth knowledge of the funding pathway mechanisms and the relevant stakeholders involved in the decision-making process, long-term competitive environments, and more.

Incorporating KOL perceptions and payer insights into our assessment allows us to (1) formulate key factors influencing P&R success, (2) detect access barriers, and (3) develop mitigation strategies. 

Treatment landscape and therapeutic preferences vary across regions due to different clinical practices, perceptions of the disease burden/unmet need, and the payer’s willingness to pay.

In a Therapeutic Area Assessment, we review the clinical and socioeconomic evidence to produce actionable insights, tailored to both indication area and target geographies.

We help our partners understand the patient journey and optimal positioning of their product in the treatment landscape – in addition to the estimated eligible patient population, clinical and socioeconomic burden of the disease, and level of unmet medical need.

We believe that telling the most compelling value story is the driver behind every successful product. We help our partners to communicate value stories by demonstrating their product´s clinical, economic, and societal value to payers and relevant stakeholders.

By identifying a product’s value attributes and understanding the therapeutic area, unmet needs, and payer requirements, we compile evidence-based value stories, payer value propositions, and core value dossiers to share with your affiliates.

An intangible P&R strategy can jeopardize the best execution. Thanks to our in-depth landscape analysis and our understanding of the key drivers influencing healthcare market trends and payer behavior, we are able to provide our partners with an actionable P&R strategy.

This ensures that market access activities are executed at the right time and in the right market. Our focus is to design country-tailored pricing (e.g. benchmarking, value-based pricing, pricing corridors, price erosion, etc) and reimbursement strategies for securing access and maximizing product profitability.

Our in-depth analysis of the P&R potential will help ensure that only the optimal strategies are implemented for your product launch.

Flawless execution is key to preparing a P&R submission and can prevent critical process delays.

We help our partners in compiling the evidence package required for a successful reimbursement (e.g., HTA and P&R dossier in line with European guidelines, objection handlers, budget impact analysis, pharmacoeconomic studies, etc) that is in accordance with your product’s value, demonstrating it in a way that resonates with HTA bodies and payers.

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