Unlicensed Medicines (ULM)
Speed, access and responsiveness.

This innovative service has been created to provide the highest quality products and services with exceptional prices to pharmaceutical wholesalers, healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals and specialist exporters.

As part of the Abacus Medicine Group, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services is perfectly positioned to deliver a unique formula in the supply of Unlicensed Medicines.

This unique formula is utilizing the strengths of the combined entities of the Abacus Medicine Group:

  • Abacus Medicine Pharma Services provides the regulatory know-how, the knowledge of the unlicensed medicine markets and the logistical reach to supply all continents of the globe
  • Abacus Medicine has one of the most sophisticated medicinal analytics departments in the industry meaning we are able to source a huge range of products at short notice and at competitive prices

This winning combination means that Abacus Medicine Pharma Services is able to offer a new generation of unlicensed medicine supply with speed, access and responsiveness at the heart of everything we do.



We never lose sight that there is a patient at the end of everything we do. 

SCD_Icon_Grad Logistics & operations


Due to Abacus Medicine’s extensive supplier network, we are able to access a broad product portfolio.

SCD_Icon_Grad Support services


Our customer services are here to service you. We aim to always reply to our customers within 24 hours during the business week.

Who we help

Healthcare Organizations

Pharmacies are at the heart of all communities and Abacus Medicine Pharma Services wants to support you and your patients by supplying your business with a range of unlicensed medicines.

We specialise in procuring medicines from our extensive European supplier base and delivering them directly to your central warehouse from where you can deliver them to your estate of pharmacies.

Private Hospitals
Patients medicinal needs can be complex and at times their needs cannot be met with licensed medicines.

This is where Abacus Medicine Pharma Services strives to ensure that all patient needs are met by supplying, when requested, an unlicensed alternative.


Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
Pharmaceutical wholesalers are integral to our business and our quest to make medicines accessible to all. We therefore recognise the importance that the wholesalers play as the blood line for all hospitals and pharmacies across the globe.

Abacus Medicine Pharma Services wants to build strategic wholesaler supply partnerships to ensure that your unlicensed medicines inventory needs are met with quality products at competitive prices.

Specialist Exporters
As a specialist exporter, your product requirements will be wide and varied and often needed at short notice. Abacus Medicine Pharma Services is an agile supplier that can react with pace to your product requirements.

Our reach is extensive and we are proud of our European pool of authenticated suppliers from whom we can access products from and deliver to you in a timely manner.